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This week we’re giving a chic little zip pouch a pretty-in-pink punch thanks to essie’s shade of the month for March, “madison ave-hue”. Bring out your inner Blair Waldorf and perfectly punctuate any ensemble with a quiet luxe Upper East Side vibe…cha-ching! 
To create: Apply hot glue across the bottom half of a zipper, then press the edge of a piece of 10” x 16” gold leather fabric against the hot glue. Run your finger across the leather to ensure it firmly sticks to the zipper. Once secure, fold the leather and repeat to the other side. Seal the sides of the pouch with hot glue. Use painter’s tape to mark a stripe across the center of the pouch and tape down two letter stencils to the center. Fill in stripe and letters with a coat of essie’s “madison ave-hue” polish and let dry, then apply a second coat.


Rio Carnival 2014

Members of Unidos da Tijuca Samba School during their parade at 2014 Brazilian Carnival at Sapucai Sambadrome on March 03, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio’s two nights of Carnival parades began on March 2 in a burst of fireworks and to the cheers of thousands of tourists and locals who have previously enjoyed street celebrations (known as ‘blocos de rua’) all around the city.

Photos by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Him: I don’t date black women. It’s just a preference.

Me: Based on what?

Him: Nothing, it’s just how I feel.

Me: Impossible, deliberate aversions come from somewhere.

Him: Its just a preference, that’s all.

Me: No, a preference is preferring broccoli to asparagus. You can say that because asparagus will always taste the same, even when prepared differently.

Him: And?

Me: And we’re not always the same at all. There are hundreds of millions of us and we’re each completely different from the next. If an employer said not hiring Black people was a preference would you agree?

Him: No, but that’s based on stereotypes.

Me: … And what is yours based on, facts?

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I HAD THIS SAME CONVO THE OTHER DAY!!!! Almost verbatim. Stop letting people use the word “preference” as some bullshit cover up to be ignorant and racist.

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